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Selbstverständlich stellen wir unser Know-how gerne zur Verfügung und führen Seminare für Sie durch oder beteiligen uns als Referenten. Aus diesem Grunde haben wir die Dr. Brill Akademie gegründet. In diesem Bereich erhalten Sie einen Überblick über unser Seminarangebot, welches wir teilweise mit renommierten Partnern anbieten.

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7. Jun 2018 bis 8. Jun 2018

Biofouling and biocorrosion in the marine sector - challenges and protective measures

For early June 2018 Dr. Brill + Partner GmbH Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology develops in co-operation with LimnoMar Laboratory for Freshwater, Marine Research the event "Biofouling and Biocorrosion in the Marine Sector - Challenges and Protective Measures". The venue is Bremen. We will inform you about further details separately.

450.00 € *
Plätze verfügbarSeats available
5. Mär 2018 bis 6. Mär 2018

Management and optimization of R&D projects, risk analysis, table of requirements

Objective:To acquire the necessary knowledge to:- Understand the R&D process,- Perform risks analysis and set-up the functional table of requirements,- Reduce the risks of deviations (planification, budget, etc.) from the initial specifications.

790.00 € *
Plätze verfügbarSeats available
14. Mai 2018 bis 15. Mai 2018

Formulation and optimisation of biocidal products (bactericides, fungicides, sporicides, virucides) including Chemistry of surfactants

Objective Chemistry of Surfactants:- To learn the classification and the chemistry of surfactants,- To understand and optimise the formulation of body hygiene and hair care products, - To learn about the manufacturing methods and equipment.Objective Formulation and optimisation of biocidal products (bactericides, fungicides, sporicides, virucides):- To learn how to manage the criteria of selection,- To learn how to manage the risks of bacterial resistance,- To learn how to how to use and optimise the efficacy of biocidal agents,- To know the principles of the efficacy test-methods.

850.00 € *
Plätze verfügbarSeats available
18. Jun 2018 bis 19. Jun 2018

Manage and optimise the preservation of cosmetic formulations including applied exercises workshop

Objective:- To manage the criteria of selection of preservatives (regulation, physical-chemistry, mode of action, toxicity, cost, marketing consideration),- Methods of use and optimisation of efficacy,- How to formulate without preservatives,- Principles of efficacy tests,- Applied exercises workshop.

790.00 € *
Plätze verfügbarSeats available