eSignature for test reports, statements and expert opinions

Dear customer,

we are pleased to inform you that as of 01.01.2023 we will modernize our document dispatch by switching to documents with eSignature.

The eSignature we use meets the requirements for an advanced eSignature in accordance with EU Regulation 910/2014 and thus enables us to make our processes more secure, modern and flexible in your interests.

The implementation will take place gradually, so it is possible that especially for your request everything will still be handled as you are used to. For the processes that have already been implemented, this means that from this point on you will only be provided with an electronically signed document in the form of a PDF. The previously standard dispatch of hardcopy copies with wet signatures will therefore no longer be necessary.

Of course, we offer you the usual service and thus the possibility, for an additional charge, to receive a hardcopy copy in addition to the document with eSignature.

The new process:

As a better orientation for you, from 01.01.2023 on newly issued quotations and order confirmations, an information about this change will be embedded in the document dispatch. We therefore ask you to inform us ideally already when preparing the quotation, but at the latest when placing the order, whether you would like a hardcopy copy, so that we can take this request into account in the order confirmation and internal processes. If you only request a hardcopy copy after the order has been placed, this request will of course also be taken into account by providing a separate quotation for the additional costs.

If your request from 01.01.2023 is not yet affected by the implementation, we will of course refrain from additional costs despite the information on the quotation and order confirmation.

Transition period:

For all implemented processes, the following applies: all orders received before the implementation deadline will be completed as usual with a hardcopy copy, which in this case is of course free of charge for you. In addition, however, you will then already receive the PDF with eSignature. The new process will only be applied in its entirety for new inquiries/orders.

The following applies to all processes that have not yet been implemented: We are, of course, striving to create a uniform system for you. We therefore plan to have implemented all processes to the eSignature by 01.07.2023