Disinfectants and antiseptics are subject to complex regulations and governed by law. They can be classified as medical devices in case of instrument disinfectants or biocidal products in case of surface and hand disinfectants. Hand and skin disinfectants as well as wound antiseptics are often classified as pharmaceuticals. That is why developing, marketing, and distributing such products requires comprehensive know-how. Knowing about these challenging tasks, we offer one-stop solutions by testing the efficacy of your products against the various target organisms. In addition, our competent experts from the different scientific fields support you with your registration projects nationally during transition and on European level. In this section you can find more details about our services.



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Our family-run company is always at your service. We meet you where you are, are always fair and offer high quality. We seek lasting, successful relationships in which each of us can learn from the other to the benefit of all. We constantly adapt our services to meet your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Dr. Kerstin Walendy-Gnirß
Director of Scientific Services

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Laboratory Services

The below table shows all our established test methods. We execute efficacy testings according to all German and European test methods as well as according to e.g. ASTM or JIS. Due to our extraordinary expertise in this field we have a flexible accreditation. Therefore, we can transfer new test methods quickly into the accredited area.

1 We are accredited for the procedures marked with an asterisk.,

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